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MA Migrant Relief Fund

Massachusetts Migrant Families Relief Fund  

The Massachusetts Migrant Families Relief Fund is a partnership between United Way of Massachusetts Bay and The Boston Foundation to address the acute humanitarian crisis faced by migrants seeking asylum in Massachusetts, while also supporting the local, trusted community-based organizations directly serving new arrivals in our region. 

As the number of families being housed in shelter or motels has risen sharply, and will continue to rise in the coming weeks, the Commonwealth’s shelter system is being taxed in unprecedented ways. Cities and towns across the state are hosting families as part of the emergency assistance program, providing shelter and services to individuals and families displaced from countries such as Haiti and Venezuela by political turmoil, socio-economic instability and ongoing humanitarian crises. In Massachusetts, they see a promise of hope and support, and we want to live up to that promise. 

Everyone deserves to have their essential needs met, and migrants are no different.  The Massachusetts Migrant Families Relief Fund will: 

  • Rapidly deploy emergency financial assistance through a trusted network of human services and shelter organizations in the Commonwealth to ensure individuals, children, and families have access to essential needs (temporary accommodations, food access, clothing, diapers, hygiene items, and transportation).   
  • Support livelihood opportunities and assistance such as health screenings, translation services, legal assistance, work authorizations, ESOL classes, and other socio-economic and cultural integration supports. 
  • Provide operating funding to the local community-based organizations providing direct services on already-stretched budgets and staff resources. 

The Boston Foundation and United Way are committed to demonstrating our Commonwealth is a welcoming place for our newest arrivals to be connected to the community-based resources and support needed to work and thrive. Further, we hope to provide connective resources for the State and local governments and service providers to respond to this crisis in a judicious and timely manner. Let’s show our commitment to ensuring every person in Massachusetts has their essential needs met and is treated with the dignity and respect we all want for our own families. Join us in responding with urgency, compassion, and dedication to address this crisis while fostering community solidarity and support. 

If you need assistance making a donation, please reach out to United Way at 617.624.8005 or MMFRF@supportunitedway.org.


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There will be a 5% administrative fee for each donation to cover the costs of processing credit card donations. Please Note: If you would like to utilize your Donor Advised Fund, please include Massachusetts Migrant Families Relief Fund in your recommendation details. Our tax ID number is 04-2382233. You can also send a check to the following address: United Way of Massachusetts Bay, P.O. Box 412866, Boston, MA 02241-2866. Please make checks out to United Way of Massachusetts Bay and include “Massachusetts Migrant Families Relief Fund” in the memo of your check.

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