What Virtual Opportunities Can I Volunteer For?

STEM Chats:
STEM Chats are approximately 20-30 minute dialogues intended to provide students with the opportunity to learn about STEM jobs and career pathways. We will explore questions related to education experience, job experience, and how current professionals established the career they have now. Format of the sessions are intended to be a conversation/discussion with time at the end for participants to ask questions. We are finding this to be a great way to explore careers or fields that someone may never heard of, from real people doing the work. BoSTEM will support volunteers with a brief training on how to mentor students in STEM, provide example formats for interacting virtually, and moderate the session to facilitate dialogue. Volunteers are encouraged to add their creativity to the format of their meeting!

STEM Bites:
Share your passion for STEM with middle and high school students in a quick, "bite-sized", demonstration or presentation (5-15min). Using a virtual platform, present a demonstration or provide a basic overview of one STEM concept, practice, or skill related to your current job. STEM Bites are a fun and quick way for STEM professionals to connect with students virtually and share their expertise on one STEM practice, skill, or concept.
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Example: "I am a scientist working in a lab, and I will demonstrate one of the ways I remove impurities from samples."

Volunteers are encouraged to get creative in their approach, yet remain effective in their demonstration given the time constraint. Through these STEM Bites, we hope to combat the stigma of STEM by demonstrating to students the endless applications of STEM concepts, skills, and practices to real-world problems.

Registrations are accepted on a rolling basis. Please note that all sessions will be recorded and made available online via YouTube.

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STEM Chats
Week of Monday, March 8th - Friday, March 12th
STEM Chats
Week of Monday, March 15th - Friday, March 19th
STEM Chats
Week of Monday, March 22nd - Friday, March 26th
STEM Bites
Week of Monday, March 15th - Friday, March 19th
STEM Bites
Week of Monday, March 22nd - Friday, March 26th
STEM Bites
Week of Monday, March 29th - Friday, April 2nd



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